Product Manager Experience

Client – Agency within a major Federal Government Department

Technovate has strong experience in providing Product Management experience in the Federal Government.

As a Product Manager at large Federal Government Depart, our Technovate consultant communicated the vision of a major ICT application development project to the development team, the CIO and Group Manager.

Our Technovate consultant represented the business owners and provided direction to the scrum team.

The Problem

A Branch within the Department had just completed a successful cloud-based proof of concept for a new application and assessment workflow solution.  As part of the next stage of the program, a new website was to be developed in addition to the full cloud-based solution.  A number of vendors where engaged in addition to internal project teams.  Our Technovate Consultant took the leadership role in moving the solution forward.

The Approach

Our Technovate Consultant developed and implemented a Business Prioritisation Process with endorsement from business executive stakeholder.  He then worked with the vendors and the internal teams to prioritise user stories developed as part of the Proof-of-concept phase.

Over the course of the program of work, which was split into multiple, linked work packages, Our Technovate Consultant led the sprint planning, providing expert advice on the business domain.  Our Technovate Consultant’s role also included aligning competing priorities from IT and the impacted business units.  This is where is work in prioritisation proved critical.  Our Technovate Consultant used this process to define a Product Roadmap.

Over the course of the program of work, some work packages delivered strong outcomes which had an immediately positive impact on the end users, such as new website.

Our Technovate Consultant, in his role as Product Manager, changed the direction of delivery after assessing that the outcomes where not be delivered.  The original rules engine skills assessment wizard was replaced with a more easily maintained equivalent.  The most important decision our Technovate Consultant made was in regards to the assessment and application workflow solution.  Our Technovate Consultant recommended the early cessation of the Project when it continually failed to meet expectations and there was sufficient evidence that the solution would not meet business needs.

The Result

A fully responsive website designed to enhance the user experience.

The application and assessment workflow solution was discontinued early, saving the Department millions of dollars.  This saved funding was redirected into alternative solutions which have provided proven benefits to the Department.

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