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Technovate proudly delivers the Financial Reporting Application to the Department of Industry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme!


Canberra, Australia.  Technovate Strategic Solutions, a 100 per cent locally owned SME, is proud to announce that it has successfully delivered an innovative solution, the Financial Reporting Application, to the Entrepreneurs’ Programme (the Programme). The application will be used by the Programme’s designated Business Advisors in supporting growing local businesses across Australia.  Technovate, a local Canberra small business itself, worked closely with the Department to develop a complete unique application, while following the best practices outlined in the Government’s Digital Service Standard.

Screenshot of FRAThe Financial Reporting Application streamlines and standardises what was previously a very manual process, allowing the Business Advisors to focus on what they do best, providing guidance to help growing small businesses.  The application imports financial data from spreadsheets, provides a suite of tools for the Advisors to analyse the data and build customised management reports, and exports the reports in the Microsoft Word format for their client while adhering to the Programme’s guidelines.

“As part of the initial discussions with the Department, my team developed a Proof of Concept solution based on our understanding”, explains Bryce Undy, the Managing Director of Technovate Strategic Solutions. “As the engagement progressed, we further refined and built upon that initial prototype until we had a robust solution with a broad suite of functions such as trend analysis and a customisable Library of Answers (saved commentary on common issues or recommendations).  Some of those advanced capabilities came about through working closely with the great team at Industry while brainstorming that prototype, and I think the Business Advisors got a much more rounded tool to work with as a result.”

Library of AnswersTechnovate put together a local and international specialist team just for this project and they will continue to support the Entrepreneurs’ Programme moving forward. “We are committed to continuing to support the Department and we look forward to opportunities to further expand the potential of this technology to aid not only the Business Advisors, but really, any situation where users are manually creating reports or other documents from an excel spreadsheet.  We can, should and will do better”, Bryce explains. “We have people here in Canberra working to achieve the goals of the government by supporting our public service. We are hopeful that this successful engagement will allow our locals more opportunities to do just that”.

Lee Baines who was at the time the responsible manager for the implementation of the new Financial Reporting package, said about Technovate:

“I found the Technovate Team worked hard to understand the needs of the new system and developed comprehensive specifications around the performance requirements and managed the developers to it. The outcome delivered against the specification as expected and should save users time in report preparation. The system also has the potential to facilitate deep data industry-wide analysis should the need arise”.

Technovate Strategic Solutions specialises in offering innovative total business solutions to the public sector. Technovate was founded in the belief that we can all take actions which improve the world around us. Day to day, Technovate focus on their client’s future; looking for opportunities leverage innovation in technology to help the community around them.  Working on a diverse range of Government projects, Technovate can bring to the table an understanding of the government’s drivers, constraints and how best to achieve the goals of the business.

About the Entrepreneur Programme:

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity.

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