Solution Analysis & Design

Do you have a need for change, a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome, but you are unsure how to take it forward?

Technovate Strategic Solutions can provide the analysis and design expertise you need.

We can take you from high level business requirements, through the process of going to market for a solution.  We can assist in preparing tenders and we can assist in responding to tenders.

Go to Market

Our team have experience in managing the process of going to market for everything from small opportunities to multi-phases million dollar programmes of work.  We can assist you in providing the right level of detail for prospective tenderers so that you can get responses which actually address your needs.  We can assist you in managing the process, from setting up data rooms, responding to queries and ensuring that procurement and probity processes and policies are effective followed.  We remove the risk from your procurement so you can focus on the solution and the end goals.

Responding to the Tender

Need assistance in responding to a tender?  We can provide full tender response services by setting up a rapid response team which can produce highly professional tender responses within tight timeframes.  We can focus on aligning your strengths to what the client needs, and can assist you of responding to the tender accurately.  Most tender responses fail to fully address the needs of the client; we can assist you in hitting the target and providing the best response possible.

We can also provide other services, such as specialist input in areas your tender team may have skill gaps, and we can provide graphic designer and tech writing specialist to give your response that professional look.

Don’t risk an unprofessional response which misses the mark.  Let us work together to get the best outcome for you and your client.

Assessing Responses

We can assist in assessing the responses to your tender.

Need an independent specialist verification?  We can provide that expertise.

Need structure around managing the responses?  We can provide the governances to support your probity and procurement processes.

Need specialist advise?  We can provide technical, financial, cloud, engineering, security or other specialist skills to assess aspects of the response?  We can provide those skills so you don’t need to guess.

Reference checks? Market Assessment? Benchmarking?  Value for money assessments?

We can help!