Delivery Management and Agile Coaching

Technovate is able to provide experienced Delivery Managers with Scrum Master expertise.

The Delivery Manager or Scrum Master plays an important role in identifying and removing obstacles from delivery.  As the facilitator of the daily stand-up and weekly team meetings, they help drive the project forward and support the Product Manager.

Technovate is an advocate and member of the Scrum Alliance community.  As such, we are able to identify and engage highly successful Scrum Masters.  Professional certificates are proof that that our Delivery Managers have knowledge, skill, and experience to apply Scrum effectively. Our Scrum Masters are certified and experienced in project delivery.

Technovate Scrum Master will work, with a consistent understanding, to a high professional standard.

The Technovate Scrum Master is a…

Delivery Management and Agile Coaching

Our Scrum Masters adhere to the Scrum Alliance Code of Ethics and the Scrum Alliance Code of Conduct.  We will work with your organisation to ensure that the service we provide is of the high standards expected via our Governance model.

Technovate’s consultants have engaged Agile projects across the world.  As such, they have played a key role in organisation adoption of Agile delivery.  This has ensured that Technovate has adopted a number of key learnings which influence the way we support the take up of Agile with our clients.

We will understand the Agile Maturity of your participants.  Every team, and the individuals that form the team, will have different experiences and understandings of Agile.  Because of this, Technovate Agile Coaches understand the need to assess that maturity before implementing Agile.  This way we can ensure that the approach is adapted to the environment and thus improve the uptake of the Agile process.

Furthermore, every organisation and even the business units within the organisation implement a different flavour of Agile.  Technovate’s Agile Coaches can work with the organisation to implement a consistent approach to Agile that works to deliver the project outcomes.

This way, the Technovate difference will ensure that your Agile projects are a success.