Business Processing Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) can be defined as the taking a fresh look at what the objectives and constraints of your organisations functional areas and providing an opportunity to rethink and redesign  their business processes in order to achieve remarkable improvements in critical measures of performance like cost, service, quality, and speed.

Business Process Reengineering can bring the following benefits for your organisation:

Increase Effectiveness

Removes unnecessary constraints and roadblocks to your business processes.  Focuses the business processes on their outcomes and thus supports your organisation in being more effective in achieving its business benefits.

Improves Efficiency

Streamline business processes by removing unnecessary steps, aligning skills and functions and removing duplication and other blockages.

Removes ‘breaks’ in the processes by identifying and reducing handovers.  Use your resources effectively and efficiently. Proper management and control of all business processes reduces the time lag between different processes, removing activities which cause unnecessary delays. This in turn allows you to better support the strategic directions of your organisation and provide an improved experience for your clients.

Reduces cost

With the proper management of processes, improved efficiency and quick delivery of services to clients and stakeholders,  the overall costs are reduced resulting in cost saving for the organisation in the long run.

Meaningful job for employees

Instead of spending time on low value, highly manual activities, redirect your upskilled workforce to high impact, high value activities.  Reduce staff turnover and improve moral and thus the quality of work your team produces by giving the work which actually has an impact on the organisation and its stakeholders.

Organisational wide improvements

Does your organisation need to be adaptable and flexible.  Should it embody agility, empowerment and innovation?

Business Process Reengineering will allow you to implement business processes which don’t just support rapid change, but are designed to grow an innovative, forward thinking organisation which leads the change process.  Build an organisation which provides a framework building innovation and provides the ability to respond to unexpected and rapid changes in the organisation’s environment.

Want to take advantage of digital transformation, agile project delivery, IoT, Big Data and Predictive Analytics and whatever may come next?  Start with business process engineering.